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Apr 1, 2021

Hello there, and welcome to the Pilot Episode of “Bullshit Sessions: Stupid Conversations for Smart People,” where our job is to bring you groundbreaking insight on inane topics purely for your entertainment. This shows where all topics are poorly researched, logical fallacies are encouraged and laughs matter most.

This week we are discussing:

  1. Our worst quarantine habits
  2. Underrated villain speeches
  3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream: ice cream or toothpaste?

To help me with all of this, we have:

  • Co-Host and our resident thespian/comedian: J Kay Weldon
  • Co-Host and muscle junkie: Evan Anderson
  • Co-Host and noticeably absent insurance agent: Rob Rens (played by a potato)
  • Host and general dead weight: Carson Honeycutt

Remember, life can’t be all business all the time, and the only bullshit you should listen to is bullshit that brings you glee. So stick around and enjoy the show.